At bowltech we are a father and son operation, the aim for us is to provide you with the best Crochet Hooks possible. We offer a second to none customer service 100% guaranteed. Without our customers there is no Bowltech so you are always number one when purchasing from us or enquiring about our products. We have been manufacturing for nearly 4 years and we think we have the perfect ergonomic crochet hook. All handmade by us and finished to the highest quality super smooth and guaranteed snag free and maintenance free. We have over three thousand followers and growing on Facebook and over three thousand likes. If you're looking for a wider range we have Resin and wood and a lot more exotic wood hooks available so for a more personal service please contact us at.



Bowltech packaging is 100% recyclable so recycle it or why not reuse it, we also continue to source sustainable woods from reputable sources. We continue to try to keep prices low and bring you the widest selection of materials that we can use for our crochet hooks. We will always give you first class customer service and products guaranteed. All our products are covered against manufacture defects and this being the case will be replaced free of charge. We do not cover accidental damage. Wooden crochet hooks from any supplier are not designed to be used with cotton only metal hooks or inserts can be used with cotton.

Bonne Beth Reaves  recommends Bowltech Crochet Hooks.

9 July 

I absolutely love these hooks! They are a total game changer for me. Not only are they beautiful, they're lightweight and glide thru the yarn with ease.

Aubrey Perry  recommends Bowltech Crochet Hooks.

26 June 

I love these hooks! They feel amazing and the quality is so much greater than some other big brands that are more expensive. these are functional art and they make me happy whenever I grab one to crochet. I can comfortably use them for hours on end with no cramping. You NEED one, but then you will NEED a whole bunch because the various options in color and wood seem endless! Thank you! :-)

Manda Bernart  recommends Bowltech Crochet Hooks.

27 May · 

Absolutely stunning hooks, they feel very comfortable to hold and are a great piece of art to look at, made with passion by the hookmaster Allan and used with love by me ♡ 
Thank you !

Sue Wright  recommends Bowltech Crochet Hooks.

10 July at 20:50 · 

Loveliest hooks and yarn bowls on the web! 
Each piece is meticulously hand-crafted; so be prepared to wait in line - but the wait is definitely worth it :) A true pleasure to use. Second order is in! 😊

Amy Stricklin Bleile  recommends Bowltech Crochet Hooks.

27 June at 02:38 · 

The feel of the hooks- balanced and silk finished. Absolutely beautiful. I'm saving for lots more.

Sami Ravenscroft  recommends Bowltech Crochet Hooks.

29 June at 16:53 · 

Allan’s hooks are amazing. They are gorgeously crafted and make crocheting so much easier for me. The customer service is amazing. I only buy Bowltech hooks now.

Tracy Hemmings reviewed Bowltech Crochet Hooks – 5 star

30 March 2018 · 

If you have any doubts about buying these hooks I can tell you they are beautiful to look at, ergonomically amazing and glide through stitches like a hot knife through butter. 
My crochet has improved since having these hooks, the stitches are definitely neater and more consistent and due to the design of the hooks, both wand and teardrop, I can crochet for hours without any stress in my fingers, hands or wrists. 
A pure delight to use. Looking forward to a long relationship with Allan and growing my collection over the next few years.

Sue Cheng reviewed Bowltech Crochet Hooks – 5 star

10 May 2018 · 

I have just received 5 of Allan's most gorgeous hooks in the mail and I couldn't believe how quick postage was from the UK to Australia! 
They look and feel absolutely beautiful and I have no doubt they would be a dream to work with. 
Allan was lovely to work with, quick to reply and just provided an excellent service all round. It was certainly a blessing finding out about Allan and I am sure this is only the beginning of my crochet hook journey with him.

Ellie Rose  recommends Bowltech Crochet Hooks.

28 February · 

These hooks are fabulous. I was lucky enough to be able to borrow an ergonomic one and I realised that it was far to bulky and long for my tiny hands! I messaged Allan as I had an order in and he adapted them - knocked an inch off and made a smaller diameter on the ergonomic. I’ve been crocheting for 3 hours now and no cramping. They are honestly worth the wait. Now I’ve got to save my pennies and order the full range!

Wendy Jones  recommends Bowltech Crochet Hooks.

7 February · 

Allan is very professional and answers all questions silly or not. The hooks & the bowl I've just got are fabulous. Now to see if using a Fab hook makes any difference to my Cal that I'm struggling with! Will be ordering more hooks soon.

Rebecca Shay Goff  recommends Bowltech Crochet Hooks.

4 March · 

I order 6 hooks and 1 interchangeable set from Allan. His costumer service is out of this world. He answered every question in detail. He keeps people updated on his page showing orders as they are finished. These aren’t just hooks they art works of art.

Lighter than I thought fits in my hand very comfortable. Seeing the grain patterns in the wood is so beautiful. I highly recommend bowltech woodturning to everyone there is no better customer service and craftsmanship anyplace.

Thank you Allan I will treasure them forever.

 Bowltech Crochet Hooks – 5 star

1 March 2018 · 

Allan is a true gentleman. He is a craftsman. You aren't just buying a hook/bowl/foot massager - you are buying something truly stunningly beautiful that comes with so much love. 
I have arthritis and my hands are rubbish, but with Allans hooks I can crochet so much longer. I can't recommend him and his creations highly enough.

Rose Nichols  recommends Bowltech Crochet Hooks.

26 June at 19:48 · 

I have received one hook from these wonderful people, but it is gorgeous! It is light and so comfortable in my hand. I do have some arthritis and this helps me to work longer. Beautiful craftsmanship and wood! I know I will be ordering as often as I can. They truly care about their customers and all of us love them, even though I am fairly new to this group. You will not regret ordering these hooks from them. I have an order for 8 right now and am excited to get them!!

Tami White  recommends Bowltech Crochet Hooks.

8 June · 

These are the best hooks I have ever had. The beauty and craftsmanship shows in every turn of the hook. These will be used everyday and passed down to my daughter. I can’t say THANK YOU enough.

Candyce Rothe Kologrivov  recommends Bowltech Crochet Hooks.

31 May · 

lightweight, gorgeous, and ergonomic and did I mention GORGEOUS?? what an absolutely fantastic work of art! I have the 4mm dark knight and I love it!! I can not wait for the big order I placed!!

Toni-Marie Wood  recommends Bowltech Crochet Hooks.

24 May · 

Beautiful hooks and so easy to work with, only in recent months have I found bowltech wood turning on Facebook and placed an order with Allan straight away. 
whilst waiting for my order I was lucky enough to win a few hooks made by jack on eBay. 
These beauties are so easy to work with, the yarn just glades across the hook, Allan answers all your questions , easy transaction, and a pleasure to do business with. I will be putting in another order very soon 😁
I highly recommend these hooks.

Raquel Ochoa  recommends Bowltech Crochet Hooks.

27 March · 

I just got my order today, and I am beyond excited! Allan is awesome to deal with. I had many questions and he always answered me within minutes. The hooks are a masterpiece, I am completely in love with them, they are so light and just wonderful to hold. This is the first of many orders to come. ❤️❤️❤️

Tiffany Davies  recommends Bowltech Crochet Hooks.

2 March · 

My eagerly awaited hooks arrived today, and they were absolutely worth it.
Beautifully crafted, well balanced and with the things I look for in a good hook - nice point, good throat for grabbing yarn and super comfy to hold. 
Allan delivered exactly what I wanted and I found him to be very helpful and courteous at all times.
Here begins my addiction...!

Alexandra Romanov  recommends Bowltech Crochet Hooks.

9 February · 

Allan's hooks are works of art that are comfortable to crochet with and even more beautiful to look at. The solid wood warm in your hand while you work, allowing for more crochet time before your hands are stiff. They handle the yarn beautifully as well. The wait time for delivery isn't short but it's worth it and the customer service from order through delivery is exceptional!

Elena Herget-Winstead  recommends Bowltech Crochet Hooks.

3 January · 

I followed Bowltech WoodTurning for quite awhile. I was mesmerized by the beauty. I decided to join a FB group, Bowltech Hookers, to see how others were loving the hooks. Well much to my surprise I was the 500th member to join and won a hook!! To say I was excited was an understatement. I spoke with Allan about my choices, sizes everything. He was so helpful and friendly. 
A few days later my perfect ergonomic hook arrived. First of all the pics, as beautiful as they are don’t compare to how gorgeous they are in person. The hook was surprisingly lightweight and perfectly balanced. 
I find I can crochet twice as long as normal without cramps or tiredness in my hands.
Absolute perfection!

Julie Jules  recommends Bowltech Crochet Hooks.

19 October 2018 · 

Updated review 15/12/18. After my first order I ordered 9 more various hooks, a needle holder and an oak hook stand. All of them are beautiful and I urge everyone to order from Allan at Bowltech. You won't be disappointed. There is no rating high enough. Totally amazing items and service. Thank you so much.

Received my very beautiful hook today. Absolutely stunning and the workmanship is outstanding. I'm thrilled with it. I will definitely be ordering more in the very near future. Thank you Allan for your fantastic service and great communication.